The Municipality of Perama and SHARING PERAMA with the kind support of ΟΛΠ (Pireaus Port Authority S.A.) welcomed the first public sculpture by Robert Montgomery, which is placed permanently at Terma Peramatos where the boats leave for and from Salamis. The work was lit on 20/02/2020, at the busiest ferry terminals of Europe and it signifies THE BEGINNING OF HOPE.

  • Art’s aim and potential is not to change the world. But art can change our gaze onto the world, modulate our feelings about it, and if not save the world, it can at least soften it, open it up, and convey hope and beauty.

    SHARING PERAMA is a complex project with artworks and artistic activities in the public space of Perama. The curator Barbara Polla, based on her personal experience and the imprint that her stay in Perama during the late 1960s left in her memory, hopes to shift the focus of cultural interest to the city.

    At this stage, there is a whole team involved in  SHARING PERAMA: artists, friends, people.

    Our desire is to activate public spaces in a way that they can inspire hope for the future through actions that have educational, cultural and social character.

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Barbara Polla

Initiator & Curator

Rodolphe S. Imhoof

International Advisor

Christos Panagos


Elli Paxinou

Educational Coordinator

Daphne Kouri

Greek Coordinator

Dimitris Bampilis

Theater Director

Frederic Pryszlak

Financial Advisor

Marios Fournaris

Artist & Local Advisor

Robert Montgomery


Krystalli Glyniadaki

Poet & Translator

Charalambos Margaritis


Ersi Bakou

Cultural Heritage Manager

The project “SHARING PERAMA” includes cultural projects, which make the global project more sustainable, contribute to its visibility and its integration in the local environment, while existing independently.

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