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Dominique Fiat

Curator at large
Dominique Fiat.png

Dominique FIAT develops since the turn of the century a trans-disciplinary, multi-media approach of artistic practices that has allowed the discovery of young talents using multiple forms of expression such as the French Camille Henrot or the Californian artists Ed Moses and Ed Ruscha as well as those of the Light & Space movement, all of whom later gained international visibility. The gallery Dominique Fiat exhibits in collaboration with all major institutions in Paris. Interested in places and artists yet unknown on the global art scene and in the extra-western scenes, in particular the MENASA scene, Dominique Fiat’s gallery has developed the international career of many artists. In 2017 Dominique Fiat organized at the Grande Halle de la Villette «Afriques Capitales», an exhibition of the contemporary African art scene of about fifty artists, coupled with a festival of music, dance and performance. The «African Spring» in Paris as everyone calls it now was born from the partnership Dominique Fiat established with the Fondation Vuitton.

Dominique Fiat favors the dialogues among cultures. She has developed a strong interest for the Greek art scene and in particular for Perama. In “Harmonie inconnue” (2019), she showed works by Marios Fournaris and videos by Charalambos Margaritis in collaboration with Barbara Polla. She visited Perama in 2019, together with Robert Montgomery.

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