Synopsis: Dreaming Perama is a film that breaks the continuity of space and time as well as the boundaries between different genres. In an effort to retrace Barbara Polla’s memories, who as a teenager lived for a period at Perama - the most important period of her life as she recalls and the one that formed her the most - we travel back and forward between Switzerland and Greece, the 60’s and the present while we take some glances of Barbara’s dreams. What has drawn Christos Panagos into making Dreaming Perama is also his own personal connection with the city, where he spent most of his first years into his path as a filmmaker. The narration will travel the viewers between a documentary and a fiction dreamscape with “night flights” over the city of Perama. Thus, the animation will play an important part in the film. The seaside landscape of Pearama will enter a “visual dialogue” with the mountainous landscapes of Switzerland.

The title works as a paradigm shift, a gaze modifier onto Perama, Perama as it is today, in its often crude reality, and as it will be tomorrow: a place we don’t know yet. The “red thread” though the film, the gaze modifier, the “3D glasses” that will enable the viewer to link the title of the film to Perama’s reality, is the light – a direct reference to the light poems conceived and created by Robert Montgomery.

The light in Perama – the light in Greece – has very specific physical characteristics, in all seasons, which the film will capture; the light in the film will also refer to the light sculptures of Robert Montgomery, sculptures that will be activated, in the public space, by the environmental light. The light will function as a film character, with it’s own contrasts and brightness, it’s own power and reflections.

“In the garden of paradise” is conceived as a walk through the city of Perama and a walkthrough of the project itself, a “making of” that will include interviews of all the major actors of the project, whether from Perama, from Athens or from abroad. There will be a subtle balance between these interviews and the views of the various locations in Perama. The shipyards will also be part of the film, as will Robert Montgomery himself as the main character, working on his installations, with his own lights.​

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