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 Paul Ardenne

Artistic Advisor

Paul Ardenne is an art historian, art critic, curator and a writer. He is the author of many essential books on contemporary art, among which L’Art dans son moment politique, La Lettre volée, 2000 ; L’Image Corps - Figures de l’humain dans l’art du XXe siècle, Éditions du Regard, 2001 ; Un art contextuel, Flammarion, 2002 ; rééd. coll. « Champs », 2004; Extrême : esthétiques de la limite dépassée, Flammarion, 2006 ; Art, le présent : la création plastique au tournant du XXIe siècle, Éditions du Regard, 2009 ; Un art écologique, création plasticienne et anthropocène, La Muette-Le Bord de l'eau, 2018; reed. 2020. He is also an essayist, as well as the author of novels, among which Roger-pris-dans-la-Terre, (La Muette BDL, 2017) that represents the literary counterpart of his theoretical interest for the environment, rurality and ecology. He  also writes for many French and International art reviews, and has curated several major exhibitions about political art and art and ecology. Paul Ardenne has collaborated with Analix Forever since 2008 as cultural advisor for the gallery, while Barbara Polla has written a review about the fictional writing of the art historian. Paul Ardenne came several times to Perama and has provided artistic advice for the exhibition “The Green Path”. He is currently completing another major assay about the Art of Joy.

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