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ALONE by Marios Fournaris

OPENINGS JUNE 18-19-20, 2021 Exhibition until August 18, 2021 For the Greek version, please scroll Analix Forever & SHARING PERAMA are proud to present the first solo exhibition of Greek artist Marios Fournaris, from Perama, in Switzerland, with the collaboration of gallery Dominique Fiat. Under the auspices of the Consulate General of Greece in Geneva. Solo. Alone together. Marios Fournaris is inviting seven artists to contribute to his exhibition:

Lydia Dambassina (GR) Ninar Esber (LB/FR) Nicolas Etchenagucia (FR) Ali Kazma (TR) Nikias Imhoof (CH) Robert Montgomery (UK) Curtis Santiago (CA)

Marios Fournaris (1981) is an artist, a curator, and an intellectual. His work is deeply rooted in Perama, where he lives and works, and refers to humanist and ecological issues. His main theoretical and artistic interests are the environment, “Arte Povera”, Pistoletto’s “Third Paradise” and the “New Humanism”. His works of art are often oxymorons, linking love to imprisonment, multiculturalism to local life and objects, knowledge in art history to social concerns. Fournaris’ constant perception of the complexity of the world as well as of its beauty lead to a genuine representations of “reflection”: a mirror seems to separate his photographs into two parts although they cannot be distinguished. Like a living kaleidoscope, the whole, in Fournaris’ works, is made of all its parts, all its complexities, all our many diverse gazes. TOGETHER ALONE, Marios Fournaris’ concept is best presented by his own poetry :

Alone, surrounded by all Alone, in the middle of you I am alone but never lonely The world lives inside me, inside you We are together Together in mistakes Together in passions Together in life Together alone. And Nikias Imhoof is inviting seven musicians to perform with him.


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