Perama is a port city and a suburb of Piraeus and Athens. It lies on the southwest edge of the Aegaleo mountains, on the Saronic Gulf coast. It forms the western terminus of the Port of Piraeus (Athens' port) and there is also a passenger port that provides ferry services to Salamis Island.

The name Perama comes from the Greek word "perasma" which means "passage".


Perama had been the place of the “laiko” song bands for many years (1940-1973). They were all connected – whether directly or indirectly- to the neighborhood that loved and supported their artistic work.


Every single night, especially at the weekends though, the tunes and voices of the Rembetiko music groups were spreading all over the city, as if a musical fair was held every night. A sort of emulation amongst owners made them try to engage the best bouzouki players, voices, the most popular singers for their music tavern, so as to become the best in town and even attract audiences from the greater region of Athens and Piraeus.

That was also helped by the idyllic seashore, where swimmers and tourists from all areas of Piraeus would gather. Those legendary music taverns have their days of glory, back then when sea breeze, fresh fish, excellent retsina wine, and “laiko” tunes were ideally blended. In other words, we can say that Perama was important for “laiko” music as for the golden era of Greek cinema; an authentic framework of inspiration and creation.



Perama was what we would call a movie neighborhood. Apart from the numerous films that were filmed at the boat-yards, taverns and small huts-ideal scenery for the films of the golden age of Greek cinema-, Perama included many movie theaters. In fact, the number of theaters was way larger compared to its population.

That strange phenomenon is probably explained by the remoteness of Perama from other areas, which resulted to the habitants’ preference to remain in the city for leisure and entertainment as well. As a matter of fact, some 80% of the habitants of Perama during the 1960’s preferred to spend the weekends in cinemas and music taverns of the city for their entertainment.

The neighborhoods of Perama were often used as natural settings during the peak period of Greek Cinema (1955-1970) as a natural setting, ideal scenery for many lilies- it was even referred by certain journalists as a small Greek Hollywood setting…

Indeed, according to researchers, the films that have been filmed in the city of Perama exceed 120, amongst which the famous Academy Award-winning film “Never on a Sunday”, starring Melina Merkouri, directed by Jules Dassin.


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