The price of Revolt on the Black Market

by Dimitris Dimitriadis (1966)

Proposed location: Open air theater “Mikis Theodorakis” in Perama

2019 - 2020


The Price of Revolt on the Black Market, the very first play of the, then, very young Dimitris Dimitriadis, has never been presented in Greece. Its only iconic staging was by Patrice Chéreau in 1968 in the Theater of Aubervilliers, Paris.


Even though the era that gave birth to this text, as well as its first staging, has passed by, the need is strong, to address to its myth and its lyricism in order to lighten up our times by comparing, paralleling, or rejecting the political dramaturgy of our everyday life. Indeed, The Price of Revolt on the Black Market gives the potential for critical distance both from the historical context that created it, as well as from our present, and creates connections and relations to the contemporary reality of the last decade in Greece as well as in Europe. 


The Price of Revolt on the Black Market captures archetypical relations between authority’s subjects and objects, reveals the solid mechanisms that reproduce the social pathogenesis, while at the same time, it functions as an inter-theatrical comment about the struggle to change the world.


The young Greek director Dimitris Bambilis, a kind of Patrice Chéreau of our times, will stage The Price of Revolt on the Black Market in the open-air Mikis Theodorakis theater in Perama, which, as an ideal miniature of the country, will ramp up the dialog between theatricality and reality, with the view to the shipyards functioning as an indication of the real power and the vanity of the market’s almightiness. People from Perama will not only be sitting in the Theater watching but also playing on stage the many “figurants” that Dimitris Dimitriadis included in his play.

What will then The Price of Revolt on the Black Market be?



2020 - 2021


The Greek filmmaker and theater director Petros Sevasticoglou and the multi-awarded French writer and theater director Fabrice Melquiot have already worked together on several occasions. They intend to SHARING PERAMA by staging a specific play that will be written for Perama by Fabrice Melquiot, and translated into Greek. Melquiot is particularly known for his plays for the young public. This play may thus also be integrated in the pedagogic program.

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