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a film by Christos Panagos

The film is a co-production of IndigoFlicks, SHARING PERAMA and Kimonos Animation Studio


Dreaming Perama is a film that breaks the continuity of space and time as well as the boundaries between different genres. In an effort to retrace Barbara Polla’s memories, who as a teenager lived for a period at Perama - the most important period of her life as she recalls and the one that formed her the most - we travel back and forward between Switzerland and Greece, the 60’s and the present while we take some glances of Barbara’s dreams.

What has drawn Christos Panagos into making Dreaming Perama is also his own personal connection with the city, where he spent most of his first years into his path as a filmmaker. The narration will travel the viewers between a documentary and a fiction dreamscape with “night flights” over the city of Perama. Thus, the animation will play an important part in the film.

The seaside landscape of Pearama will enter a “visual dialogue” with the mountainous landscapes of Switzerland.

IMAGE_Dreaming Perama.png
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