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Robert Montgomery @ Emergency Exit Arts

Paper Peace, a year-long programme of art and events commenced tonight with a mobile art installation, a 14-foot-high illuminated poem, commissioned from leading conceptual artist and poet Robert Montgomery. The Scottish-born, poet, artist and sculptor is known for his spectacular site-specific installations created from light and text, which he has exhibited across Europe and Asia.

Robert Montgomery’s artwork, a striking illuminated Peace Poem mounted on a mobile platform was revealed in central London tonight 12 November 2018 and will be seen by thousands as it travels along motorways to five towns and cities across England. (details of destinations) In each destination, partners that include arts and heritage organisations, local museums and archives will pick up the baton for the next stage of the project, a national creative heritage project exploring post-WWI archives using the collections of regional heritage partners.

Local museums and archivists will share their collections related to peace acts throughout history with the public, who will be invited to take part in a variety of activities exploring ways of achieving peace globally as well as building peace within their communities and to share personal experiences of conflict and peace. The National Partners are Creative Scene, Dewsbury; B Arts, Stoke on Trent; City Arts, Nottingham; and Vivacity, Peterborough. Heritage partners led by The Peace Museum (Bradford) are joined by the Museum of the Mercian Regiment (Nottingham), Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery and Mid Staffordshire Military Appeals Tribunal Index. Through Paper Peace, these important archives and oral histories will be brought together in a central digital archive and learning resource.


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