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Sharing Perama Sharing Art

April 23rd until November 27, 2022, at Palazzo Mora, Venice.

“SHARING PERAMA–SHARING ART“ is based on values and utopias turned into realities: art and culture in the public space, poetry in shared environments, sustainability and humane ecology, all values represented by the participating artists, each of them in their unique aesthetic forms. “SHARING PERAMA-SHARING ART” highlights the diversity of Perama through the works of four artists tightly linked to the area: Marios Fournaris shows his photographs of Perama under an always forecast sky; the UK-based artist Robert Montgomery created a new light poem inspired by Perama, A LOVE SONG…; while  the duo Christos Panagos & Charalambos Margaritis present the “making of” of their upcoming movie, DREAMING PERAMA.
The presence of Perama in the City of Doges witnesses the possibility of sometimes reversing the inequities of access to culture.
Curators: Barbara Polla (CH) & Dominique Fiat (F)


“SHARING PERAMA-SHARING ART” has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Garance Primat, NEON, Zaza & Philippe Jabre, Lionel Aeschlimann-Groupe Mirabaud, Wilhelm Dietrich Karmann, The Polla Family & Co, and more precious donors.

Please read about “SHARING PERAMA-SHARING ART” on Art Newspaper Greece and for further information ECC ITALY

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