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The Book


Εγώ η Γερανή

This latest book by Barbara Polla is a love story between a crane and a crane man, a theatrical love and sorrow poem initially written in French that is currently being translated in Greek, to be presented as a dialog in the open air theater of Perama, « in the shadows of the steel swans »


Barbara Polla has written this poem specifically for Perama


She is a crane
She loves her man
Her man is a crane man

He is her man


She is a dancer
A dancer in the night

Dancing proud and alone

Waiting for her man


He mounts her with joy

Every day of the week

Saturday night fever

She dances alone


He’s inside her he’s above her

She oversees the world
He loves her she loves him

She flies in the sky


Love is forever we all know that
Love until death the end of the feast

She loves the weights to work to turn

And crane men love the metal flesh


Machines and toys

And things and stuff

Be inside be outside

Protected and served


Crane men love dreams

And here she is
A dream machine

Flying in the sky


Beautiful and dreamy

She never complains

When he is with another

She dances in the night

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