The Exhibition

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“Time does not exist” is a group exhibition co-curated by Barbara Polla (initiator and curator of SHARING PERAMA) and Marios Fournaris (artist from Perama living in Perama and local advisor in the SHARING PERAMA team). The exhibition will feature 13 contemporary Greek artists, two Greek filmmakers, and 3 international artists who have specific links to Perama. 


Thirteen contemporary Greek artists, two Greek filmmakers and three international artists, who have special ties to Perama, will participate in the exhibition. The exhibits will include paintings, sculptures, installations, video installations, etc.


Together with the artists and the works that will be exhibited, we want to highlight the "inner time" of each artist - and therefore the inner time of each spectator. This allows viewers to compare their inner time with that of the exhibits and their own freedom of mind with that of the artists.


The exhibition will take place in the Museum of Fishery and Shipbuilding of Fishery Boats in Perama, an ancient museum that has not been opened to public for a long time. Fishing is as anchored into remote times as is the history of the Mediterranean, and has been and still is determining much of the Greek living spaces. We will keep inside the Museum all the vitrines that present ancient working material and instruments used once upon a time by shipbuilders and fishermen. The exhibition will tightly integrate these essential objects of the past and make use of them to draw a vision of the present and possible future of Perama and beyond. The exhibition will also activate and revitalize this beautiful space and give it back to the inhabitants of the city, functional for future use.

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