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Art in the public space,

With the People and for the People

With local workers

Altogether, the project SHARING PERAMA has different aspects: artistic, cultural, social, educational and socio-economical.


The socio-economical component is essential. Indeed, whenever possible, Robert Montgomery will work with local craftsmen, as he has done before in Izmir, and more specifically with metal workers so that the project will also showcase the talent of local people.

The workers will be fully part of the project, they will once completed unveil the works together with the artist, so as to establish clearly that the works also belong to them.​

video from Istanbul '74, Robert Montgomery's "Site specific Art Project"

Our goal is that people from Perama and around would see Robert Montgomery’s works wherever they are in town, enjoy them, love them (or hate them, why not…), talk about them, be proud of them; that they would feel this art as their own after constructing the works. The whole body of work will function as a strong, simple, to the point ensemble of installations that would directly “talk” to the people, including to those most unprepared for understanding contemporary art.

As an addition to the light and metal pieces, there will be mural paintings, again made with local workers (painters), as well as big posters in the public space, wherever possible.

Robert Montgomery

Europe, Nuart Festival Norway © Robert Montgomery

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