Robert Montgomery

SHARING PERAMA is a complex project that aims to convey art and culture in Perama, a suburb of Piraeus that has been culturally neglected for decades. The project includes art in the public space, which is meant to initiate interest from the people for many other actions that are part of the global project, whether artistic, educational, or social.


SHARING PERAMA aims to create links between the people of Perama and contemporary art. The works by artist Robert Montgomery will provide opportunities to experience contemporary art in the public space as a fertile ground for thought, confrontation, and discussion. Creation and art are dignifying for the creators, the artists, and for humanity as a whole.


Art’s aim and potential is not to change the world. But art can change our gaze onto the world, modulate our feelings about it, and if not save the world, it can at least soften it, open it up, and convey hope and beauty.


We chose the Scottish, London-based artist Robert Montgomery to fulfil and concretize the artistic project in Perama as is one of the most known and shown artists working in the public space, with authenticity and respect for the people and the environment.

Montgomery is a poet, sculpting his poems with light (solar energy activated LEDs), so that everybody can see them, even at a distance, by day and by night. He loves people, he is a pacifist and as such supports the pacifists and has created a body of work in favour of freedom, ecology, respect, and against imprisonment and the power of overwhelming consumerism and capitalism. 

Montgomery always gets inspired by the local situation to create his light poems.


In Perama, he will base his texts on the history of ancient and modern Greece, democracy and the history of Father Georgios Dimitriadis, on the marine geography of Perama, the islands, the shipyards, naval constructions and traveling. The artist knows about shipyards: Montgomery’s grandfather worked in the shipyards of Glasgow, the cranes in Perama are the same as in Glasgow, and Montgomery also knows about the devastating effects of the closure of the shipyards). Further sources of inspiration will be the early times of Perama, the migrations, the current life in the city, and Rebétiko. We are currently gathering a number of texts about Perama by citizens from Perama and by the Mayor himself who will serve as a Manifesto and inspire Robert Montgomery.

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