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SHARING PERAMA is an ambitious cultural and humanistic project aiming to include artworks and artistic activities in the public space of Perama, a suburb of Athens that has been culturally neglected for decades. The project includes art in the public space, which is meant to initiate interest from the people for many other actions that are part of the global project, whether artistic, educational, or social.


SHARING PERAMA aims to create links between the people of Perama and contemporary art. The works by artist Robert Montgomery will provide opportunities to experience contemporary art in the public space as a fertile ground for thought, confrontation, and discussion. Creation and art are dignifying for the creators, the artists, and for humanity as a whole.

Art’s aim and potential is not to change the world. But art can change our gaze onto the world, modulate our feelings about it, and if not save the world, it can at least soften it, open it up, and convey hope and beauty.

The Association in

Greece & Switzerland

The specific goals of the Associations are to promote and contribute to “SHARING PERAMA”, to ensure the concrete realization of the project and hence to raise funds.

We have created an Association according to the Swiss and Greek laws and bylaws. 

Swiss Association SHARING PERAMA

President of the Association: Barbara Polla

The legal address of the Association is:

c/o Mr. Frédéric Pryszlak, Gonet Conseil Finances, Boulevard du Théâtre 6, 1204 Genève, Switzerland


VAT Number: 997401457

The detailed legal status of the Associations is available upon request.

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