PUBLIC SCULPTURE in the 2nd busiest ferry terminal of Europe


"Perama for me seems like a place of freedom, a place you go to and come from the sea, a place built at a human scale. I also felt some kind of ancestral memory here - the shipbuilding cranes remind me of the shipbuilding cranes in my hometown of Glasgow and of my grandfather who was a metal worker. The form of Perama, the way it hugs the bay reminds me of the form of an amphitheater.”

Robert Montgomery 

An amphitheater from where since 2500 years the people from Greece may look at Salamina, the sea, the world.

The installation of the Greek & English side of the light piece "THE BEGINNING OF HOPE" by the artist Robert Montgomery in Perama was completed in one of the busiest ports in Europe.

When the boats come and go from Salamis they will always see the work shining, signaling that HOPE is here.

We warmly thank all of our supports for this joint effort.


“THE BEGINNING OF HOPE is blazing before a ferry terminal; what else is the sea but the beginning of hope? But make no mistake, the steadfast land on which the beginning actually occurs is what defines everything, for no journey can go well if the set off point isn't an inspiration. And that's exactly what Robert Montgomery's first piece for SHARING PERAMA is: a vision towards something greater, greener, brighter, more open, more inclusive, more humane. That vision encompasses the sea which surrounds Perama–metaphorically and literally–but sets off, tellingly, from Perama itself, whose struggles and humanity inspired Robert Montgomery's work. So next time you set off towards Salamina, know this: you will set off towards hope–then, later, come back to its beginning.”

Krystalli Glyniadakis