We were happy and proud, although we knew that it was just a BEGINNING. Then arrives Covid19. We need hope more than ever. Everything is still for the time being, and health is the most important issue for all of us.

SHARING PERAMA closely follows the instructions for confinement, so as not to put anybody at risk. In the background though, we continue to e-work, so as to prepare a blooming to hope, after the shutdown.

See you soon, be healthy, and please be in touch. 

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The Municipality of Perama and SHARING PERAMA with the kind support of ΟΛΠ (Pireaus Port Authority S.A.) welcome the first public sculpture by Robert Montgomery, which is placed permanently at Terma Peramatos where the boats leave for and from Salamis.

The work was lit on 
Thursday, February 20, at 7pm, at the busiest ferry terminals of Europe and it signifies THE BEGINNING OF HOPE.

Η ΑΡΧΗ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΠΙΔΑΣ has been made possible by the common efforts of many patrons, angels, benefactors and donors as listed here



is a not-for-profit association in Switzerland and Greece and its specific goals are to promote and to ensure the concrete realization of the project and hence to raise funds. Detailed legal status is available upon request.

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